Our pricing is significantly less than dealers and repair shops because our overhead is low. We do not have an expensive shop and complex tools. Service is performed at your home or work. Major service than can only be done in a shop with complex tools (Engine rebuild, transmission rebuild, etc) is purposely not offered by us.

We use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts. These high quality parts ensure long life and like new performance. Next time your tire shop tells you that your brakes need replacement, ask them if they will be providing OEM brake parts. If they use aftermarket parts, those parts can lead to worn and vibrating brakes much before the OEM parts have those issues. Instead of scheduling another appointment to go back to the tire shop and wait several hours, let us handle the job with quality OEM parts on your schedule conveniently at your home or work.

Tired of vibrations when you step on your brakes? Our brake service comes with all new parts including brake rotors. Your brakes will feel like they did when your car was new..

We stand behind our work offering a 90 day warranty on labor and a manufacturer warranty on parts. If a part should prematurely fail, our mechanics will help you obtain a replacement part and will reinstall the part. Please note our normal labor charges will occur, when outside the 90 day labor warranty.

If you are happy with our work, refer a friend or family member and receive 10% off all labor on your next service. Be sure they reference your name in their service quote request.